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Magical Inspired Play & The Benefits To Your Child

Let me share with you the wonders of magical play...

I have often been asked, why magic? Why play? What's the point?

We all know that children love to play and play with toys. But did you know that playing is beneficial for a child’s development and growth?


It’s true!


Studies have shown that children who play with toys that inspire their imagination have better cognitive and social skills than those who don’t. And there are so many options out there when searching for items to entice your children. So, if you’re looking for a way to help your child's growth and development, consider getting them something that will truly inspire their imagination and belief in the unseen ✨


Potion Play is one such option, it brings joy, whimsy and is fun to play. Watching colour changes, the potion rise, bubble and fizz with every new addition. Children have been known to spend hours on end making potions. Tell me you don't have memories of making your own as a kid? I know I did! Constantly sneaking to the garden to make mud pies and stealing my mum's best face creams to make them that extra bit magical. Can't say she loved that but she would've loved an option such as a potion kit to save those creams 😂


 Magical Inspired Play & The Benefits To Your Child

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So what exactly are the benefits of Imaginative Play?

Imaginative play offers a variety of benefits to children. It helps them to develop problem-solving skills, encourages them to explore different perspectives, and can even promote foundations for social development. Here’s how:


  1. Problem-solving skills - Imaginary play teaches children to understand cause and effect, how to analyse situations and come up with creative solutions. They are able to think of multiple ways to approach a problem and figure out the best approach. Often times in such a way, we as adults, would never have even considered.


  1. Creative thinking - Imagination leads to the exploration of new ideas. This is an essential skill for children to have in order to navigate the world around them.


  1. Social interaction – When children engage in imaginative play, they are usually interacting with others, which allows them practice and aids in the development of their social skills. It also provides opportunities for them to learn how to collaborate, take on different roles in conversations and tasks, subsequently learning to understand different view points. This further facilitates the development of empathy.


So, if you're looking to encourage your child's development and growth, investing in a products that stimulate the imagination is a must.

Products such as sensory bases, playdough kits, costumes and potion play can all provide these benefits.


Potion Kits & Accessories – Magic at Play


 Magical Inspired Play & The Benefits To Your Child

Image from @runaway.swains - depicts two small children making a magical potion

Okay, and the benefits of Magical Inspired Play products are?

Imaginative Play and Magical Play go hand in hand and have very similar benefits. Magic inspired toys come in many shapes and sizes and offer a wide range of benefits for children of all ages. Magical toys encourage imaginative play and allow children to grow and learn in a fun and creative way.


Here are the top benefits of magical inspired toys:


  1. Developing the Imagination - play products inspired by faerie tales, folklore, and popular culture encourages children to explore their creative sides. They can immerse themselves in stories and create their own unique ones through imaginative play.
    You should see the worlds they create! Watching my own children engage and develop worlds filled with magic princesses who sword fight their way to freedom, while rescuing injured unicorns that can't a unique experience and a memory I won't forget anytime soon. 


  1. Expanding Knowledge and Developing Kindness - Magical toys can help children learn about different cultures and periods in history. As they play with magical inspired items, they can learn about different beliefs, stories, and characters. Learning about other cultures and time periods, is also linked with developing empathy and general kindness towards others.


  1. Enhancing Learning and Growth - Toys inspired by magic also help children understand concepts such as cause and effect. They will be encouraged to use their problem-solving skills as they play, think critically and creatively, and practice their social skills. Magical toys also help children to understand the power of belief and the possibilities that exist outside of their day-to-day lives.


  1. Build Self Confidence - One of the core principles of magic throughout history is to inspire the belief in the impossible and a belief in one's self. Providing products that are fundamentally magical for children to engage with, will aid in developing the belief in the unseen, an empathy for those that appear different and instil a sense of self confidence and worth that is hard to find promoted in other forms of play. 


 Magical Inspired Play & The Benefits To Your Child

Image by @honeylovesbare - showcasing an imaginative sensory tray


How magical inspired toys help with child development

Childhood is an important developmental stage when it comes to growing, learning, understanding people and the world around them. Magical toys are a great way to provide children with the resources needed to facilitate their development. When used in a positive and creative manner, these toys can assist in that development in a variety of ways.


Firstly, magical toys promote imagination and creativity. When a child plays with these items, they can create and explore the world of fantasy and magic. This allows the child to think outside the box, opening the doors to an array of possibilities, letting the child come up with inventive solutions and ideas that could be applied to real life scenarios.


Secondly, magical toys can help spark a child’s curiosity. By introducing them to the world of fantasy and magic, children learn to explore and discover new things. This encourages them to form their own ideas, learn how to think creatively, critically, and to problem-solve.


Finally, these toys can teach a child the value of self-confidence and teamwork. When they interact with other children in creative setting, they are encouraged to work together to accomplish a common goal, often a goal they have collaboratively decided upon. This allows them to learn how to work with others, develop their communication and socialisation skills, as well as their leadership skills.


 Magical Inspired Play & The Benefits To Your Child

Image by @kritta_best - young child fascinated by the light dancing through a clear water bead



At the end of the day..

Magical inspired toys and the imagination are an essential part of a child's development and growth. They foster curiosity and help children develop creativity, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and communication skills. Not only that, but they teach children the value of teamwork, cooperation, empathy and self confidence.


All of these qualities are important for children to grow into responsible, capable, and caring individuals. Promoting a kindness and understanding for the world around them.


Ultimately, when it comes to enriching a child’s learning, magical toys and creative play offer a unique and fun way to do so. So be sure to encourage your child to explore the world of magic and help them enjoy their journey of self-discovery. You may even find yourself along for the ride, reliving your own magical memories from childhood.


 Magical Inspired Play & The Benefits To Your Child

 Image of a young girl enjoying her magical golden cup of tea


Magic is something that inspires me to this day. It is something that my parents were sure to instil in me and it is something I wish to pass along to my own children: for the belief in the unseen and in one's self are intrinsically tied together.

I hope I can inspire you to dive into the realm magical play and be drawn into a world of wonder and whimsy...Because all the benefits aside, its honestly, simply, just pure fun.

- Tazzi x

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