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Magic at Play

Enchanted Starters Bundle

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Unveil the wonder of our Enchanted Starters bundle, a captivating duo featuring a hand-crocheted magic hat and a star wand. This bundle is designed to be the perfect starter kit for budding magic makers. With one magical hat and one star wand in each bundle, it's a gateway to a world of spellbinding adventures.

Key Features:

1. Hand-Crocheted Wonder: Our hand-crocheted magic hat is more than just headwear; it's a testament to the artistry of magic. Each stitch is woven with care, creating an accessory that's as cozy as it is enchanting.

2. Wand of Dreams: The star wand in this bundle is not just a stick; it's a tool for unlocking the potential of the imagination. With a sparkling star atop a sturdy handle, it's the perfect companion for casting spells, crafting elixirs, and embarking on epic quests.

3. Fantasy Awaits: The "Enchanted Starters" bundle is more than just a pair of accessories; it's an invitation to a world of dreams. With the magic hat and star wand in hand, your child can transform into a wizard, a fairy, a magician, or any character their imagination desires.

The "Enchanted Starters" bundle is more than just an accessory set; it's the spark of imagination that ignites a lifetime of magical exploration. Whether your child is brewing potions, casting spells, or creating their own fantasy world, this bundle has the power to make them believe in the magic of their own dreams.

These items are 100% handmade, with each as unique as the next. As such, there will be slight variations in sizes and colours. 

Hat is made to fit children aged 2-7 but we do not discourage the young at heart to try it on.

Care Instructions: can be machine washed on a warm, gentle cycle in a delicates bag. 

Care Instructions

Wooden Items:
Many of the wooden items can be kept clean and in good condition by giving them a wipe down with a clean, damp cloth. 

5 Little Bears recommends the use of beeswax polish to keep their beautiful raw timber products and puzzles hydrated and well-nourished.

Sensory Bases:

Ensure that all bases (playdough, rice, chickpeas, slimes, marbles etc) are kept in air tight containers and stored in a cool dry area to extend their shelf life and reusability.

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