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Magic at Play

The Elemental Dragons

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Introducing the Elemental Dragons, mystical creatures whose greatest treasures lie in their deep bonds of friendship and family. Discover the Air Dragon, known for her affinity for the arts and vast open spaces, and the Night Dragon, driven by a hunger for knowledge and tranquility.

The Air Dragon possesses a free-spirited nature and finds solace in creative expressions. This gentle and graceful creature thrives in wide open spaces, where she can spread her wings and embrace the beauty of the world around her.

On the other hand, the Night Dragon is a wise and mysterious being, perpetually seeking knowledge and understanding. Drawn to quiet and peaceful places, he immerses himself in the depths of ancient wisdom, ready to share his profound insights with those who prove themselves worthy.

Both Dragons possess a fierce protectiveness and loyalty towards their loved ones, ensuring their safety and happiness above all else. Those fortunate enough to earn their trust will be rewarded with ancient magics and profound wisdom that can only be obtained from these extraordinary beings.

So, who is calling you? Is it the Air Dragon, inviting you to embrace the arts and freedom of exploration? Or is it the Night Dragon, beckoning you to delve into the depths of knowledge and tranquillity? Choose your companion and unlock their secrets..

This item is 100% handmade, with each Dragon as unique as the next. As such, there will be subtle variations between each item.

Care Instructions: can be machine washed on a warm, gentle cycle in a delicates bag. 

Approx. size 45cm

Care Instructions

Wooden Items:
Many of the wooden items can be kept clean and in good condition by giving them a wipe down with a clean, damp cloth. 

5 Little Bears recommends the use of beeswax polish to keep their beautiful raw timber products and puzzles hydrated and well-nourished.

Sensory Bases:

Ensure that all bases (playdough, rice, chickpeas, slimes, marbles etc) are kept in air tight containers and stored in a cool dry area to extend their shelf life and reusability.

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Alexcina Phillips
Elemental dragon

Love it! Need to collect more!!!!

Magic at Play

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